"We do not deal with any matters involving quantum mechanics...."

I don't want anyone to think that I do not believe in quantum mechanics. It works. Without it we should probably not have atom bombs and lasers and transistors and.. and.. and..

I keep away from it because I do not have the mathematical capability necessary to illuminate the processes.

More importantly the whole picture makes me uneasy.

In my mind I make an analogy between quantum mechanics and speech recognition. In speech recognition, an incoming sound is first standardised and then subjected to Fourier Analysis and then processed in various ways. Generally the results of the technology, in 2020, are impressive. It all seems to be a triumph of invention.

BUT whatever the cochlear and the receiving brain actually do, they do NOT do Fourier analysis. So the process of mechanical speech recognition is wonderfully successful but has completely missed some vital component of the evolved natural mechanism.

I think of quantum mechanics in a similar way : It has somehow got to some of the right places but a vital conceptual piece is missing. Even when I was studying physics as a research student, skirting round the edges of the quantum mechanics, I would hear my house mates (all Oxford or Cambridge mathematics graduates) endlessly arguing about "the meaning".

I have actually never met a single person who has said to me "I understand quantum mechanics."

I keep away from it.

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