A small technical collaboration group looking at some long-standing unresolved physical problems.

Tushino Ltd was originally just a device for keeping earnings from side jobs neatly labelled for the tax man.

It evolved into something a little more complicated when the Avian Navigation Methods Project got under way. Then we started doing technical checking for a particular organisation. Tushino just expanded a little. It is now a group of people around retiring age who like poking about inside difficult looking engineering and science projects.

Tushino is never allowed to get big : Only one or two projects and only a few friends working on each one.

We have recently completed a long running project on Avian Navigation Methods (How migrating birds find their way, and how pigeons can home) and we are currently marketing a book describing the new ALFIC system. Go to Migration Site.

We are begining to re-start work on a marine anti-fouling system. This passed its sea trials long ago but was brought to a halt by an unfortunate combination of circumstances. (We are looking for a partner for this work; perhaps a company that is already in the field.)

We are working on gathering data to try to bring sense to the matter of controlling body weight, especially men's body weight - we think there is a lot of rubbish being disseminated. Go to Human Weight Control Site.

It ocurred to us that many industries have knotty problems that are well known to those in the trade, but which are almost comletely unknown outside. These are the sorts of problem that might very well yield to a fresh eye. We are attempting to to create a list of some of them.

We also maintain an arithmetic checking service which not only verifies the actual arithmetic, but identifies confusion among units.

We do not deal with any matters involving quantum theory.

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