A small technical collaboration group looking at some long-standing unresolved physical problems.


Tushino Ltd was originally just a device for keeping side-earnings separate and visible so as to avoid any problems with the Inland Revenue - the UK's tax authority.

In the UK no-one wants to get on the wrong side of the Inland Revenue.

Tushino Ltd evolved into a non-profit research hub and provides a micro-forum for recently retired engineers and other scientists.

Tushino is never allowed to get big : Only one or two projects and only a few friends working on each one.

The chief preoccupation at the start of 2021 is to complete work on, and publication of, our twin theories of how migrating birds navigate.

This baffling problem now looks as though it has a workable framework on which new experiments can be erected.

The problem no longer seems completely intractable.

Go to Migration Site.


It ocurred to us that many industries have knotty problems that are well known to those in the trade, but which are almost completely unknown outside. These are the sorts of problem that might very well yield to a fresh eye. We are attempting to to create a list of some of them.


In the UK we are often subjected to seemingly unworkable suggestions for curbing global warming. Politicians trained in non technical subjects seem willing to spend our money and their time on things that are apparently bunk.

In quick succesion we have had Hybrid Cars as our saviour; then the banning by 2030 of transport powered by the internal combustion engine.

In the UK one third of our energy budget goes on transport but the politicians don't have anything to say about where the replacement electricity is going to come from.

So we are keeping a look out for "clues to the future". For example, you might like to look at doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-20214-z.


We do not deal with any matters involving quantum theory.

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