A small technical collaboration group looking at some long-standing unresolved physical problems.


Tushino Ltd was originally just a device for keeping side-earnings separate and visible so as to avoid any problems with the Inland Revenue - the UK's tax authority.

In the UK no-one wants to get on the wrong side of the Inland Revenue.

Tushino Ltd evolved into a non-profit research hub and provides a micro-forum for recently retired engineers and other scientists.

Tushino is never allowed to get big : Only one or two projects and only a few friends working on each one.


The chief preoccupation during 2021 was our twin theories of how migrating birds navigate.

This baffling problem now looks as though it has a workable framework on which new experiments can be erected.

The problem is still not completely solved but no longer seems completely intractable.


We sell what we call "Small Pieces" which are just short paragraphs in the English language for commercial people and others to use in keeping the standard of their foreign language talents up to date and equally to help people who have English as a second language to keep their skills polished.

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